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Looking for shopify store customization?

Your store works slowly, and need analysis to find what slows it down?

Want to increase conversion rate? Want to add new functionality? Looking for qualified developer?

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About me


My name is Maciej Tokarczyk, I am web developer with 4 years experience in programming and 3 years of experience in Shopify. I spend last 2 years working in Cambridge, United Kingdom, building high-end quality Shopify stores from scratch for top brand clients. That experience gave me expertise and confidence in Shopify platform. Now I am happy to share my knowledge with another people and help them with problems they are facing. I am happy to provide you free estimate of work, so that you know what you’re paying for, and how much time it will take. You can also buy my time and spend it on whatever you like, if you prefer this option,



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Shopify is gaining more and more traction every year, becouse of it’s client-first approach and with whole world market shifting every year more into online sales.

Shopify is user friendly platform, however when it comes to more advanced bits, things quickly get tricky, its easy to get lost and make mistake, and that’s when you need an expert.

Certified Shopify Expert

To let outstanding developers show their skills, Shopify has got it's own certification programme.

Here are my own certificates.

certificationShopify Theme develompent certification
certificationShopify Business cerification
certificationShopify Product certification

Priced just right.

Your own developer for80$/h



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